RealSpace SaaS
Powerful cloud-based software solution for realtors and brokers worldwide
RealSpace SaaS design on desktop and laptop devices
JRD Group
User Research, Prototyping, Testing, User Journey mapping & Design
2015 - 2018

RealSpace SaaS evolved in 2014 from PropSpace, a highly successful real estate CRM software used by brokers and agents in the MENA region. RealSpace was the new identity given to the cloud-based software to tap into international markets. The entire product was rebuilt from ground zero to meet global standards and to provide it with a competitive edge over ageing software solutions for real estate industry. Currently, RealSpace is used by a large number of real estate companies from around the world including the United States of America, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

I had the opportunity to contribute my expertise to the product development during its early and matured stages. These included developing user journey flows, wireframing and prototyping, user testing and reiterations, and product design. The product launched successfully as a subscription-based model, allowing users to trial-run the software for a short duration before signing up.

Real estate agent using RealSpace SaaS during her daily workday

RealSpace is capable of handling the essentials for real estate professionals such as listings, contact and lead management, all the way up to complex systems such as drip marketing and work flow automation. Other modules include power tools such as lead tracking, property management, email and SMS marketing, business intelligence reports, transactions and deals management.

RealSpace SaaS SMS Marketing module design
Example flow chart for RealSpace
RealSpace SaaS Email Marketing - Newsletter builder design

RealSpace acknowledges that many real estate professionals prefer to focus on their core activities than to be distracted with complicated software for building their marketing media. RealSpace's email marketing module is a perfect example of how users can overcome that. Using its simple yet powerful drag-and-drop builder, users can design beautiful and effective email campaigns and templates within minutes.

RealSpace SaaS Drip Marketing module design

The drip marketing module in RealSpace is a power tool that allows users to build campaigns with multiple emails, triggered when predefined criteria are met. The emails are sent out sequentially over time, making it more effective in nurturing new leads into potential deals. Users can define filters and trigger conditions for the campaign and create their emails using the drag-and-drop builder.

RealSpace SaaS Reporting module design

The reporting module allows real estate management to generate preset and custom reports on-demand, providing crucial business intelligence insights about its operations. Its strength lies in its flexibility to group and filter data for any section in the software spanning any time frame.

RealSpace SaaS Calendar module design

RealSpace also recognises it is essential for real estate professionals to stay on top of their day's agenda, potentially overwhelming with a variety of activities such as lease renewals, meetings, follow-up calls, viewings, property inspections, deal closing dates and much more. Keeping these real estate activities and team collaboration in mind, RealSpace provides an advanced calendar and tasks management tool to its users to seamlessly oversee and manage their and their team's agenda for the day.

RealSpace SaaS SMS Marketing module design
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